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The Cod Squad

The Cod Squad is a dungeon team that will be running in Legion (and beyond). The purpose of the Cod Squad is to give everyone a chance to experience an end game in a positive setting. This team is based on a few principles. 1. This is for everyone from beginner to expert. 2. We will learn together, we will win together. 3. Positivity and friendship are expected. Seeing as I will have multiple toons that I will be running Mythic+ for, it will give tons of people the ability to join up and run with this team. My only ask will be to pay it forward and for our group to continue to run dungeons with others in CTR and outside of CTR. Dont worry too much about the times...those are just some placeholders. I will get more times setup as we get people interested. What we run: Normal Dungeons (Class and normal runs) Heroic Dungeons Mythic Dungeons Mythic + Dungeons Any other group content. If you have any questions please let me know!
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