Convert to Raid is an inclusive guild that tries to create a home for everyone to enjoy. Because we are so large, the following policies have been put in place...

Overview TL;DR
  • The CtR Guild is a Safe Zone when it comes to all IRL issues: a space that respects all aspects of the people behind the keyboards, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, religion, body shape, size, and ability.
  • These policies extend to interactions both inside and outside of the guild.

Because of this, we try to keep language to all age and tolerance levels. This extends to:

  • Guild and public in-game chat
  • Discord
  • Character naming

At CTR, we enjoy:

More policies and information are listed below. Make sure to read and understand how these policies may impact the way you enjoy the game. Thanks so much for reading!

Guild Charter

The Convert to Raid guild is a community guild on the Aerie Peak - US created by the founders of the Convert to Raid podcast to offer a home for raiders - where friends and guild members can come together and enjoy the game they love. While our main focus is raiding, we welcome other forms of game play. We believe that players of World of Warcraft should be given the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of the game - and that a lack of experience or knowledge does not necessarily imply a lack of aptitude. We house players from all walks of life, creeds, skill levels and personalities, and we expect you to treat fellow guild members and the World of Warcraft community with respect and kindness. Your actions reflect on the guild just as much as they are reflected on you.

Know the Rules

Every member is expected to be familiar with the guild policies and abide by them. Claiming to be unaware of these policies will not be excused. If you are having problems with another member who is violating these policies and you don’t think you can resolve the issue on your own, let an officer know or send e-mail to the officers at

If an officer investigates a situation involving a Convert to Raid member who is not following the guild credo and policies, repercussions are up to officer interpretation. In extreme cases, members may face expulsion from the guild (of all characters). If guild members wish to appeal any officer decisions please feel free to contact .

  • BEFORE APPLYING, applicant must already have the character on Aerie Peak - US
  • ONLY APPLY ONCE! This will create your file in our records, and all applicable character information will be added to that file by our officers.
  • Complete an application at CTR Guild Application
  • Log in to your character on Aerie Peak US [Alliance
  • Type “/join CTRLFO” to be connected to the officer channel in game and ask for an officer. If no one is available, check the Looking for Officer channel in our Discord.
  • Join. Welcome Home, Raider! *

If you haven’t already, download and install the add-on Greenwall (available for free through the Twitch app) so that you can talk and understand the discussion from all of our co-guilds.

* See level and naming guidelines for more information.

New applications are welcome at any time at CTR Guild Application. Once your application is accepted, you must join the CTRLFO in-game channel (or via our Discord) and ask for an officer. Invitations for additional characters are welcome, and there is currently no limit on how many characters you can have in the guild. You should not ever need to complete another application for additional characters.

Character Naming

This guild is considered a safe space for all, and with that in mind everything in all public channels must be “family friendly,” this includes names.

Characters with questionable names may be refused an invite to the guild by any officer. After invitation, any character name deemed offensive by department heads may be purged from the guild ranks. CTR Guild may also ask for the player to rename their character (at their own expense). Please note that this policy isn't in place to necessarily restrict people, but it's in place to make sure that every member feels safe and welcome in every public channel.

Because we are so large, names that may be confused with existing members of the guild and podcast may be asked to either change their name or clarify it via an addon like Identity (ID2). We want to make sure that there isn’t any deception or unintended misrepresentation.

Character Level Restrictions

To join the guild, an application for your first character must be submitted. All characters must be at least level 15 to be invited to the guild. At level 15 you can run your first dungeon! Special characters (Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Allied Races) should be out of their respective starting zones before being invited.

Character Inactivity

Any character inactive for two or more months may be removed from the guild by officers as needed. The only exception to the two month rule is if the character is placed on Extended Leave. This is a special circumstance guild rank and is only available to characters who have submitted a request to the officer core and been approved. But don’t worry. Our officers can get characters quickly reinvited when you “/join CTRLFO” and talk to them in game.

  • The CtR Guild is a Safe Zone, and will not tolerate IRL discrimination or harassment of any kind to anyone, even outside of the CtR Guild.
  • Members should keep their language (in all public channels) acceptable to all ages and tolerances.
  • All members must abide by Blizzard’s EULA (
  • Members must not beg for gold or items.
  • Please no Recount/Skada healing/damage parses, macros, or other items that may be considered spam in guild chat or other auxiliary channels.
  • Members are expected to discuss requests, concerns, issues, or disputes directly with the officers by sending email to or via direct message in Discord or in-game.
Community, Teamwork, and Respect

The Convert to Raid guild is an all-ages Safe Zone. Members are expected to keep their conversations in all public channels (in-game, in Discord or other auxiliary channels) suitable for all ages (in video game ratings, we’d put it at Everyone 10+ or Teen). We will not tolerate any discrimination based upon race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, national or ethnic origin.

Members should refrain from discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, and other divisive topics in guild chat, Discord public channels and within guild event groups.

The Discord server is for the use of all guild members for both written and voice chat. Guild chat rules apply to all public Discord channels.
  • There is no official guild raid team
  • Raid teams are organized, led, and maintained by many members of The CtR Guild
  • Use our team builder to help find a team or create one of your own. Visit for more information. (You may need to log in to your CtR account.)
  • “Poaching” players for other teams will not be tolerated and may be met with expulsion from the guild.
  • Contact our friendly Raid Liaisons at for help or more information.
Team Management

While the officers of Convert to Raid do not directly oversee raid team management, all of the guild policies apply in raid settings. Remember that you are still expected to treat every member in your raid group with respect and to conduct yourself in a civil manner (e.g. in loot distribution or when recruiting/interacting with other teams). Raid teams are welcome to recruit from outside and inside the Convert to Raid guild via our Team Builder tool online or any other means.

Raid teams may be asked to migrate from one co-guild to another within the Convert to Raid guild as needed to help maintain a healthy and stable environment for each co-guild.

Poaching (underhandedly recruiting) players for other raid teams inside or outside of the CTR Guild is prohibited. All poaching allegations will be brought to Majordomo ranks and above for investigation. Penalties may include loss of ranks, permissions, and even banning any from the guild who participate in this behavior either actively or passively.

As in all guild dealings, raiders are expected to consider the impact actions will have on others, and act in good faith toward team members, as well as other raid teams. Communication is key. We want to remind everyone that you represent the Convert to Raid guild as a whole.

Dungeoneering, Roleplaying and PvP

All members are more than welcome to set up (Mythic) Dungeon, Roleplay and PvP teams within the guild with others who may share an interest in it. These activities are appreciated and encouraged so long as it follows the guild credo and policies.

Guild Bank Policy

Please help us keep things clean and efficient. Feel free to use the properly marked tabs in our guild bank for their specific purpose - such as, a General tab would contain item like BoE’s, pets, vanity items or things that represent a ‘general’ category whereas a Pots/Flasks tab will contain pots/flasks for current tier raiding. We ask that you keep junk, non-current materials, or generally useless items for yourself.

The last three tabs in every guild are earmarked for our raiding community. To apply for a team bank tab, please contact the Raid Liaisons at for more information.


Guild Master, has the final say in all decisions, however all decisions are discussed with the Majordomo first.


These are our different department heads, and are responsible for overseeing guild membership, teams, events, website, and other items. They are also responsible for handling escalations of guild policy issues, managing resources as well as sitting in on decisions with the guild leader and offering counsel.


Officers assist with bringing in new members and resolving all guild-related conflicts. If a conflict cannot be resolved, via in-game whispers or e-mail, they take the issue to the Iron Council. Officers may also schedule and host guild events. Keep your eye on the guild calendar at for more information.

Raid Leader

A confirmed, active raiding leader of the Convert to Raid community, Raid Leaders are allowed to access the Raiding bank tabs in order to facilitate the needs of their raid team. Some raid leaders may be designated differently if they also have extra bank privileges for their team. Raid Leaders may also have a rank that reflects their raid team name (for designated bank tabs).


This rank is for members at maximum level with additional use of repairs and items in the guild bank.

Extended Leave

This rank was created for members of the Convert to Raid guild who with an approved reason are stepping away from the game for a period longer than two months to avoid being removed for inactivity. To apply for this rank please send a request with the reasons supporting it to This rank has limited permissions and cannot speak in gchat.

The Molten Core

A full-fledged member and an integral part of the our community - along with the full responsibility and privilege of being a member of our guild. Comes with a shiny asparagus badge to pin on your cape.

Remember the Credo: Community - Teamwork - Respect